Situated on the west coast 70 minutes’ drive from Skagen lies the Børglum Abbey. One of the oldest still existing abbeys in Denmark dating back to the 11th Century. It has served as both Royal Residence from 800 to 1100 and as an abbey from 1060 to 1536. Through the decades, the Børglum Abbey was the centre of power in the North Western part of Jutland

In the Viking era, there was a royal residence at Børglum Hill. Around 1060, an episcopal residence was established on the spot, and in the midst 1100’s, the Premonstratensian order chose this site as its headquarters in Scandinavia.

Since 1835, the Rottbøll family has owned Børglum Abbey. The present owner Hans Rottbøll, his wife Anne and their four children, reside in all of the Abbey’s 85 rooms. The couple runs the estate’s 1000 plus acres of land as ordinary farmland, with the primary focus on plant cultivation. In addition, the Rottbøll Family has 3,000 m2 of exhibition space, with art and history exhibitions.

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