Råbjerg Mile is a migrating dune. This dune, the largest migrating dune in Denmark and in Northern Europe, was formed on the west coast in the 16 th century during the great sand drift which dominated the landscape until the 19 th century.

The dune moves eastward at a rate of 15 - 20 meters a year. Råbjerg Mile measures 1x1 km in diameter and contains 4 million m3 of sand above sea level. At its highest point it is 40 meters high. As Råbjerg Mile is a full-scale laboratory, it is protected and free to wander unhindered by plantations.

In 25 years it will reach the road to Skagen - in the year 2200, it will reach the Kattegat and disappear into the sea. The impressive scenery of this mini desert with unique flora and fauna is a must when visiting the Skagen area, and the photo opportunities are great.