A once in a lifetime experience – the Eagle World opens the gateway to the fascinating world of the birds of prey. See the white-tailed eagle with its huge wing span, the golden eagle, the indisputable big-game hunter of the skies, and the incomparable aeronautics and hunting technique of the peregrine falcon. Watch the world’s biggest eagle being fed at close hand and flying freely over the top of Denmark. Look the majestic eagle in the eye and feel the beat of its wings just above your head.

Experience the wonderful, lightning speed of the beautiful falcon as it demonstrates its aerial skills together with the falconer. The demonstration, which lasts approx. an hour, includes an instructive commentary on the life, culture and history of the bird of prey. In addition, there is a unique photographic exhibition with large screens and pictures showing incidents from the lives of birds of prey, a collection of items used in falconry as well as screens describing the ancient art of falconry.

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