WELCOME to Skagen
in the centre of Europe on top of the continent

I wish you a warm welcome to Skagen - at the very top of Denmark and the European continent. 
600 years ago, Skagen was the region's leading royal borough, although the town didn't have any streets or squares. However, it had fishermen and shipping - which both brought wealth. This period of prosperity was superseded by flooding and the sand migration which almost destroyed Skagen. From the mid-1800s things took a turn for the better again and at the end of the century artists discovered this remote town with its great contrasts in the landscape and the "exotic" local population. Even the famous Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen lost his heart to Skagen. The breathtaking scenery and the light still inspire artists, poets and musicians.
The sun shines for around 2.000 hours annually, which makes Skagen the sunniest place in Denmark.
The Skagen area is designated by the Worldwide Fund for Nature as a rare, authentic natural beauty spot, attracting visitors from all over the world.
The town's livelihood is still primarily based on fishing and shipping. 
The Port of Skagen is Denmark's largest fishing port measured in the amount and the value of the fish landed. Tourism comes next. With approximately 2 million visitors a year Skagen is the second largest destination i Denmark outside of our capital Copenhagen. 

Enjoy your visit to Skagen and welcome back another time. 

Birgit Hansen