In Hirtshals on the west coast, The North Sea Oceanarium welcomes you to a sea of adventures.

The giant Oceanarium, holding 4,5 million litres of seawater, is one of Europe ’s largest aquariums. Get a realistic view into the North Sea below the surface. Thousands of fish form elegant schools – always on the move, while North Sea sharks hunt for food among stones and shipwrecks. Be there when the diver feeds the fish and explains about life in the Oceanarium and in the North Sea.

In the large outdoor Sealarium you can get close to some of the big predators of the North Sea – grey seals and harbour seals. From the underwater tunnel, watch the seals’ speedy hunt for prey or just relaxing and playing. And don’t miss feeding time, when the keeper also tells about seal behaviour and biology.

In the many large and small aquariums you can see realistic layouts of different habitats in the North Sea. A journey from shallow, coastal water to several hundred metres in the Norwegian Trench between Denmark and Norway. Here you’ll find about 70 different species and lots of other sea creatures – from colourful sea anemones to the two metre conger-eels.

The activity area offers children and adults a chance to get their fingers into sea-water. At the touch-pool you can hold a starfish in your hand or feel the difference between a flounder and a plaice.

There’s also a large outdoor area, ideal for kids, large and small alike, where they can have fun in the playgrounds.

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